Gresham Flutes

“These are Flutes! Really!”

These small sculptures are musically inclined. They work on the same principle as a whistle or ocarina; except they have more notes than a whistle and more personality than an ocarina.

They really sound rather like a flute, with a variety of tonal qualities.  Some are clear and crisp; some are breathy.  Some are easy to play; some need coaxing.  Some flutes you must barely breathe into.  Others want you to blow hard.  And still others don’t care at all!

They are priced by talent and personality and come with printed directions.

The flutes pictured represent the range and look possible. I have made angels, anteaters, badgers, bears, beavers, beets, camels, carrots, cats, cows ( a cubist cow is a Pi-COW-so), 50 breeds of dogs, dinosaurs, dragons, elephants, foxes, frogs, funny bunnies, giraffes, hippos, hedgehogs, horses, kangaroos, koala bears, leopards, lions, llamas, owls, pandas, pigs (pigaloes – and biker hogs), penguins, polar bears, rabbits, raccoons, rhinos, skunks, tigers, turtles, unicorns and zebras. You can contact me to see what is in stock or to make a special order.